Prime Flix Android App Documentation by Mira | Micro Team

Quick start guide

Check video to get Short quick Guide of this project

A) Download Android studio

To use this project you need to download the android studio on your computer first you need to visit this link (click button bellow) then click the button “DOWNLOAD ANDROID STUDIO” (check video bellow ) to get the righ version for your system

1. Download Android studio

After Download the Android Studio you need to install it on your computer/Mac.

B) Open Project in Android studio

Now you need to open the Android Application on Android Studio just follow the video bellow to open the project .

C) Config Android Project

After Download , install and open the project on Android Studio , now you need to config your source code and make it ready by change package name config

1. Change the package name

Every Android Application on Google Play has a unique package name (unique id) , for this application too we need to use a unique package name , for that you need to choose a unique package name (ApplicationId) for example : com.companyname.appname , now to change you package name follow the video

Please note
● The only special characters allowed on package name its underscore
● Don't change the "com" part on package name
● Google will not allow you to change the package name after publish the app on google play

D) Paytm Payment gateway setup

If You want paytm payment gateway than watch below video and as per that Place your Paytm Merchant ID in android config file.

E) Admin Panel

Now you need to setup your admin panel and that required a shared hosting or a vps server, After prepare your server follow the video bellow to setup the admin panel

Set Purchase Code

Open configuration file db_config.php and set value of PURCHASE_CODE constant to your own Envato purchase code.
After setup your admin panel you need to install and setup database.

Panduan – Aplikasi Android Hungry Grocery Delivery dan Aplikasi Delivery Boy dengan Panel Admin Interaktif (Terbuka di tab browser baru)

Konversi Weboox – Perfex CRM ke aplikasi iOS

Panduan 11Dreamer (Buka di tab browser baru)

F) Database Setup

Now you need to setup your Database follow the video bellow to setup it.

G) Link The Android App With Admin panel

After the android app configuration and the admin panel configuration now you need to link it . to do this go to :

Android App>Config>

and add your api url there
if your admin panel is “
daripada file konfigurasi Anda “nilai variabel” akan menjadi “
Dan nilai variabel “mainurl” Anda adalah “https : //


and add your api url there also
set “server_url” value to

H) Change the application name

Untuk mengubah nama aplikasi android, tonton video di bawah ini yang akan membantu Anda cara mengubah nama aplikasi

I) Change the policy privacy url

To change policy privacy url watch below video which will help you for how to change policy privacy url

J) Change Admob ad unit id

To admob ad unit id and enable/disable banner and interstatial ads in app watch below video which will help you for how to change youtube channel url

K) How to Use admin Panel ?

after all setup done. Start To use admin Panel

L) How to Register Your Purchase Code

videoTo Register Your Purchase Code and package name at Battleworld Watch Below Video which will show you steps how to register your purchase code and package name of android app

Thank you for downloading the application in a micro download. As I said at the beginning, I will be happy to help you. There is no guarantee, but I will do my best to help. If you have suggestions about this website, or you have general questions about the application in CodeCanyon, you can consider the “Micro Team” forum and ask your questions in the “Micro Help” section.